Which Vitamin Boost’s Your Brain Power?

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I found this great section in a book I was reading. It’ll help you with increasing your memory and thinking:

“In a landmark study at the University of New Mexico Medical School, scientists checked the blood levels of several nutrients¬† in 260 well educated a affluent men and women over the age of 60, then tested the memory and thinking abilities of each.

The tests were not far removed from the kinds of mental skills, people use every day. In the memory test a researcher read a one paragraph story to each individual, then asked him or her to repeat the story immediately afterward and again 30 minutes later, In the thinking test, they were asked to make various calculations and decisions that tested their ability to solve programs.

After comparing blood levels of vitamin C with test results, the researchers found that the lower blood levels of vitamin C, the lower the scores on both tests. And vitamin C was the only nutrient measured that simultaneously affected both thinking and remembering.

Want to keep your scores from sinking? It may help to keep up on your vitamin C. Vegetables, mostly notably broccoli, bell peppers, collards, oranges, and grapefruit, are abundant in vitamin C. Much of the vitamin C content of fruits and vegetables in lost in cooking, so eat them raw whenever possible.”(Ellen, Michaud and Russell Wild. “Boost Your Brain Power.”Rodale Press, 1991)

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– Aleem