Aleem was very influential in my success during my university career and my ability to perform well at McGill and M.I.T. He offered me practical and very sound advice that formed the principles of my strategy to success. Despite university life being challenging, and the balancing act of being away from home and academics being arduous, Aleem's wise words helped me to stay grounded in the most difficult of times. He taught me that success is not an overnight process but a journey that has multiple steps. I believe that his approach is one that can help any student to succeed.

Dr. Hussein Kanji, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.P.H., M.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and McGill University

This class has taught me a great deal of how important every second of my semester is. It made me realize that school is not as difficult as I always taught... I have improved my academic performance by taking the time management assignments and using them as my daily schedule. Following this schedule has made writing exams very easy. It gives me the opportunity to review what I have done in class that day which, in the long term, will help me retain important information. By following this schedule, I start studying for my exams a lot sooner and, by exam time, I am not worried about what I did or didn't study.

Mike Edem, The University of Calgary (Now Plays in the CFL)

I have tried many different ways to study for tests and when I do bad on them, I'm left wondering what it is I've done wrong. The Formula for Academic Success made me realize that the biggest thing that I was lacking was confidence in myself. I have always studied properly and put in lots of effort; I just was missing the key part. That goes for sports as well. Having confidence in myself has really helped me perform better.

Austin Leoppky, The University of Calgary (Varsity Athlete - Wrestling)

In this class we learned how to decrease the time we spend writing essays or papers by doing outlines and following simple steps that Aleem has taught us. I believe this has helped us become better writers and achieve higher grades. These steps have made it so I am less stressed and less overwhelmed. Also, my playing time and my academic performance have increased. Knowing this essay writing strategy will be able to help my academic performance all through university.

Krysten Strand, The University of Calgary (Varsity Athlete - Soccer)

This class taught me the proper ways to study. It showed me basic study techniques to use in order to be the most must successful in my academics. I leaned The Review Preview Principle. This has allows me to stay ahead in my classes and also retain more of what I learn. I improved my academic performance using this technique by actually decreasing the amount I study while increasing the amount I actually remember.

Zoe Dahl, The University of Calgary (Varsity Athlete - Basketball)

My first piece of advice to a student would be to take Aleem's course or pay him a visit for guidance. I would not be achieving all of this academic success if I did not meet Aleem. The steps for a student to achieve their goal would be to first understand The Equation for Academic Success. What is the equation, how is the equation weighted, and what each part of the equation means. Before achieving success you must analyze yourself very deeply; sometimes this will take weeks or even months. What I have learned is that you will understand yourself better each day that passes and with each day you will become stronger and better at achieving academic success. This will help keep you motivated and excited to be in school.

Janai Elaine Haupapa, The University of Calgary (Varsity Athlete - Rugby)

I learned the true meaning of procrastination and this really helped me in my academic performance. I learned that procrastination was really just fear of doing something uncomfortable. This understanding of procrastination allowed me to conquer it better as I knew the fear wasn't real and the task would only be more uncomfortable if I did not start it right away. I then started doing projects sooner rather than later and found that they weren't uncomfortable and this also increased my academic performance as I wasn't scrambling to finish something at the last minute.

Clarise Jennings, The University of Calgary (Varsity Athlete - Basketball)

I have been an instructor at Mt. Royal College and Bow Valley College. Aleem has consistently proven that he understands the fundamental problems and critical issues in ensuring transfer of knowledge and skills to participants. He exercises judgment, common sense and other relevant factors. Aleem has received very positive feedback including that he conducted sessions well, was very well prepared and knowledgeable and was very effective. While Aleem works well independently, he has also worked diligently to build good working relationships. He is very personable and an extremely likable individual. Aleem displays many competencies that are found in highly competent instructors. This includes strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, flexibility and professionalism. Aleem displayed a professional presence that portrayed confidence and approachability. He uses humor effectively and deals with unexpected events smoothly and efficiently. He created an environment that was conducive to learning, relaxed, monitored and focused on the matter at hand. Aleem's integrity and high ethical values are always present

Firoz Nurani, Mt. Royal College, Bow Valley College, Junior Achievement for Southern and Alberta Canada Revenue Agency

This program has been a valuable course that has led me to improve my individual academic performance. The most important skills that I have gained from working with Aleem are better time management and increased self belief. These skills have aided me in becoming organized, less stressed and confident with who I am as an individual. As well, I have decreased my procrastination, which has improved my academic performance. The concepts I have learned from Aleem have greatly aided me with my transition and success in university.

Jessica Britton, The University of Calgary (Varsity Athlete - Field Hockey)

My experience with Aleem has been very positive. He rises to challenges confronting him, with enthusiasm, a sense of duty and professionalism. He leads and motivates others. It is the combination of effective presentation and coaching skills that I see in him. Aleem is an enthusiastic leader who always maintains his professionalism, patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategy clearly. He draws out the very best from these boys and girls, who, in turn, look up to him. I know Aleem to be dependable, responsible, honest and courteous. I wish him a bright and successful future.

Fatima Visram, Parent of 4.0 Student

I had the pleasure of being coached while I was studying at McGill University a few years ago. Aleem helped us to gain the skills and confidence needed to be able to perform well. It was great being coached by someone who was patient and understanding and who made every session not only productive but fun. For me personally, I found that being coached by Aleem helped me to gain the confidence I needed to become a better person. He was able to convey key points effectively and remained patient throughout. Even now, when I think back to the time that Aleem coached us, it still brings back fond memories. I would definitely recommend Aleem as a coach. Not only does he have the necessary communication and leadership skills, but most importantly he is able to put people at ease by being patient and empathetic.

Dr. Shiela Lakhoo BSc., McGill University and The University of Alberta

Education is a very important aspect of anybody's life. As for myself I struggled with studying, but due to the efforts of assistance from Mr. Nasser (Aleem). I no longer struggle with studying. Mr. Nasser's enthusiasm and natural talent in providing studying skills suited to what would work best for me was not only effective, these skills are skills I can apply to many aspects of my life. Mr. Nasser has a passion for helping students succeed and his efforts and skills are unprecedented. Prior to his coaching my GPA was at a B-/C+. After being coached my GPA rose to an A-/B+.

Rehana Bharwani, University of Toronto

I am currently in the 12th grade and I am attending Sir Winston Churchill High School. Aleem Nasser is a very effective coach. He really gets to the root of an individual's problems and tries to solve them. When I first came to Aleem, I did not think that I could ever be successful in school. Now, after attending 4 sessions with him I feel not only confident but I am also succeeding. I recommend Aleem because I think that he has the capability to help any kind of student succeed. I had about a 50% in math and now have a 94%!

Jehan Bata, McKinsey & Company

Aleem has the ability to relate to many different challenges through his own experiences, giving him the ability to guide and empower people to overcome obstacles in their path. I gained a lot in my time with Aleem and would not hesitate to use his guidance in the future.

Stevie Stanger, UVic