Student Success Center

We've provided you with these helpful downloads to make things easier for you to achieve your academic goals.

Track Your Progress

  • Student Success Wheel
    Student Success Wheel

    Use this tool at the beginning and at the end of each semester to track your progress at school. Simply draw a line from spoke to spoke for each category. If you draw lines close to the center of the circle, this means you have work to do in this area. On the other hand, the closer you are to the outside of the circle, the better you are in that category. Your goal is to make your circle bigger every semester.

Goal Setting

  • Goal Setting
    Goal Setting

    Have you tried to set goals before but it never worked? Chances are that you didn't have a long term compelling vision first. Once you have a vision that totally inspires you, everything becomes easier and you can set up short term milestones, which keep you highly motivated and focused . Try a new way to set your goals by downloading our goal setting exercise worksheet.


  • Enhance Your Motivation
    Enhance Your Motivation

    Can't seem to get motivated to start your assignment or begin studying for your big test? This is because you need to address the root cause of your problem - your emotions. Download our motivation worksheet and increase your desire to achieve your goals today.

Manage Your Time

  • Time Tracker
    Time Tracker

    Our students find the Time Tracker a quick but very powerful way to see where their time is going. Simply enter the hours you spend doing the tasks outlined in the first column. After you have done this for four weeks, you will have a very clear idea of what activities you need to spend less time on and where you need to devote more of your attention.

  • Weekly Schedule
    Weekly Schedule

    Many students make the big mistake of neglecting themselves in order to achieve their goals - this is why they get stressed out, are anxious and feel overwhelmed. We must first learn to care for ourselves to obtain our goals and aspirations.