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Welcome to The Art of Being Smart

We provide Academic Excellence Coaching.

We’ll show your child how to get the best grades in ANY class.
…Yes, even the most difficult ones!

This will:

  • Save you thousands of dollars on tutoring!
  • Allow your child to earn more money in scholarships!
  • Help them graduate on time (or even earlier)!
  • Reduce stress, worry and anxiety at school!
  • Enable them to have more fun at school right away!

We address the ROOT problems that your child is facing and solve them for good

So, basically, we’ll help your child to:
  • Eliminate procrastination when studying!
  • Increase motivation to learn!
  • Manage their time much better!
  • Concentrate and be more focused!
  • Retain much more of what they learn!
  • Remember what they learn…. months or years later!
  • Reduce stress, worry and anxiety at school!
  • Write exams with the greatest chance of success!

Does it Really Work?

  1. All the material we teach has been university approved.
  2. We see students all across North America getting scholarships, bursaries and the best jobs.
  3. Our concepts have been tried, tested and proven over the last 15 years!

Your Next Step: Download the Free Report and discover how to help your teenager do the following:

  • Complete their homework in half the time.
  • Maintain focus and concentration on their schoolwork.
  • Absorb information like a “sponge in water.”
  • Experience much less stress when studying
  • Increase their long term retention.
  • Achieve academic excellence with ease and enjoyment.
  • Perform at a high level regardless of the challenges they face.