The Two Magic Factors To Achieving Academic Excellence

The magic to being successful at school is based on two key elements: managing the MENTAL and PHYSICAL elements of student life. Therefore, if you can focus on these two factors, you can enjoy academic success almost immediately.

Studies that examine the differences between expert and novice learners indicate that experts spend more time organizing their learning than do novices. So here are some tips to get you more mentally and physically prepared to have your best school year:

  • Write out a study schedule for the semester. This will reduce your worry and stress which will enable you to increase your performance with less effort.
  • Commit to completing at least 3.0 hours of school work a day (or 15 hours per week). Make this mandatory and put this into you schedule.
  • Schedule review time within 24 hours after completing your class.
  • Study during the times where you are most productive.
  • Stop being influenced by others. This is one of the most common reasons intelligent students struggle at school – they just can’t say “no”.
  • Never short change yourself on sleep, meals, or exercise.
  • Do at least one enjoyable thing  every day.

Many students who perform well in university (and in life) follow a completely different strategy than those who work extremely hard but get weak results. The attitude of successful individuals is that they mentally and physically care for themselves first.

Most other students, on the other hand,  give up caring about themselves and only focus on the outcome they want. The result is that they become stressed out and feel miserable trying to achieve their goals. This de-motivates them, causes them to procrastinate, skip classes and adopt poor time management habits. Therefore, If you want to succeed in school and in life, realize that taking care of your mental and physical self is the critical first step required to achieve all your goals.