How To Ensure 2014 Will Be Your Best Year at University

How To Ensure 2014 Will Be Your Best Year at University

college-studentToday, I’m going to show you what you can do to make 2014 your best year ever at university! Several factors are responsible for a mediocre (or poor) academic performance but I want to highlight one of the most critical reasons students experience a lack of success at the post secondary level – a lack of vision.

“Vision” is a clear and detailed picture of what you want to achieve at a particular time in the future. Vision is basically comprehensive and in-depth goal setting. Without proper vision, we have unrealistic and unrealizable dreams. Here are 4 benefits from creating a vision for your education.

Focus: Don’t be amongst the many set of students who forget that their primary aim of being in school is to have a fulfilling future and gain valuable opportunities to be successful in their areas of interest – don’t just have a short term view. It’s not just about passing your math exam or getting an “A” on your English paper.

Be conscious of your future and envision yourself reaching your dreams. Once you do this and realize where your education can take you, you’ll be able to resist distractions easily. This will also help you to streamline your efforts. Let’s define FOCUS as “Following One Course Unto Success.

Commitment: Focus births commitment. Until you commit yourself to achieving a desired result, that desire only remains a wishful thought. Be conscious of your ultimate desire and put your best into pursuing it. Don’t just sit back for fate to decide for you. Neither should you expect others to do for you what you should do for yourself.

Determination: Determination keeps you going even in the face of staggering obstacles. Why? Because your strong belief that you can succeed won’t allow you to pack up and throw in the towel. If you get poor results at any point along the journey, you’ll be able to bounce back and not berate yourself or settle for mediocrity.

Determination gets you back on your feet to tighten your belt, correct your mistakes, improve on your weakness, refine your efforts and press forward for what you truly deserve. Determination turns temporary failure and poor performance to stepping-stones of excellence.

Passion: It’s your love for what you do that brings self-fulfilment, not others’ love for it. Passion sustains your interest in giving your best to your studies. It makes your academics a part of you. In its absence, your effort fluctuates. All successful people talk about loving and excelling at what they do! When passion is missing, you’ll most probably watch your grades settle on the bed of mediocrity and have no urge to change the situation.

From the most successful athletes who have ever played their sport, to political world changers or technological geniuses, the four points mentioned above have clearly been part their endeavors. Pele of Brazil showed passion for the game of soccer; Nelson Mandela of South Africa showed determination and commitment in pursuing his revolutionary change; Thomas Edison displayed focus and determination in inventing the light bulb.

These were all visionary men who benefited from the power of having vision. I believe we can all learn from them and reach new levels in our education to bring us closer to the living the lives we dream of.

– Israel (The TABS Team)