Reduce Stress and Improve Your Grades at University

Improve Your Productivity, Performance and Motivatinon at Work

What is Private Academic Excellence Coaching?

Aleem will spend time understanding and carefully assessing your current study habits and help you see where you are preventing yourself from achieving academic excellence. Once this is done, Aleem will then provide you with a personalized plan and coach you step by step on how you can quickly get back on track in your classes -- most students start seeing dramatic improvement in just 14 days!

How Do We Work Together?

We use screen sharing software (i.e. Skype or GotoWebinar) to train out students and you will meet with Aleem for one hour once a week for 2.5 months (10 weeks). As long has you have an internet connection you can participate in private coaching. After your sessions, Aleem will email you your weekly assignments and notes for that day.

What if Private Coaching Does Not Work For Me?

Since we read your application in detail and select only those students who we feel we can help there is a very low chance that this will happen. Over the last 15 years over 97% of our students completed this program successfully. However, if you feel that this program is not for you you can stop anytime and receive your money back for the outstanding sessions that you have not completed.

How Much Does This Program Cost?

The cost of this 2.5 month (10 week) program is $2997 CND. There are also payment plan options available.

Please email us at if you have any other questions.