Our education system is broken! If you don’t take control now your child may suffer for the long term.

Your promise to your child.

Chances are that you made a silent promise to yourself on the day your baby was born. You saw all the potential and possibility in his eyes and you dedicated yourself to providing your newborn with all the opportunities and experiences that you never had. On this day, you made a pledge to doing whatever it takes to help your child enjoy a life of fulfillment, purpose and joy.

But somewhere down the road, you ended up in a very different place.

Today, you watch your very intelligent teenager “forget” or choose not complete his homework on time, perform average on exams and test while also having difficulty handling stress and pressure. This continues semester after semester and you feel stuck and unsure how to help. You even may notice that your child, who has so much promise and ability, has begun to lose his self-confidence and desire for more. He gives up on challenges too quickly, loses motivation easily, or complains that school is “boring” or “stupid” and becomes distracted very often.

When you do try to help, your son or daughter pulls away from you.

It’s as if you are in quicksand – the harder your try, the worse things get. So, because you don’t want to lose your relationship with your child, you silently watch your clever and smart teenager waste his potential, hoping he’ll outgrow this phase soon…. one day!

So finally, you talk to your child’s principle, teachers, and counselors but they are unable to provide your child with enough time and care that he needs to improve his performance. With a reduction in academic funding and more children being admitted into schools these days, the resources for your child to succeed are becoming fewer and fewer. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for you to find the root cause of your child’s difficulties and support him.

At this point, you may hire a tutor. However, if your child is still not able to understand the root cause of why he cannot understand concepts quickly and efficiently, read and retain information proficiently and communicate his knowledge coherently, he will continue to struggle long after he has graduated from school (if he graduates). There are no tutors available to assist your child in the workforce.

So why do talented children waste their potential? The reasons may surprise you.

There are many reasons why your intelligent child may perform poorly. Here are the main causes:

  1. Negative environments (physical and mental).
  2. Damaging role models.
  3. High Self Doubt.
  4. Ineffective study and homework strategies.
  5. Obsessive desire to maintain a “cool” image and fit in.
  6. Ineffective or no road map or blueprint to succeed.
  7. Inability to use time well.
  8. A lack of support and understanding.
  9. Physical, emotional and mental fatigue
  10. Fear of embarrassment, looking dumb or appearing inferior

Learn brand new and “proven-to-work” strategies not shared in most schools today!

On this site, I’ll share with you the following:

  • The hidden (and simple) techniques that top students use that allow them to get the best grades in any class.
  • The helpful advice that children are given at school that actually cause them more perform worse at school.
  • How to easily fix common studying errors so learning can be 7 -10 times more effective.
  • Proven and straightforward homework strategies that will assist your child in staying focused.
  • Our 3-Step comprehension technique that allows students to remember everything they are taught in class… even months later.
  • A proven way to motivate your child with very little effort on your part.
  • A simple exam writing strategy to help your son or daughter obtain higher grades on those extremely important exams.
  • Our special “equation for academic success” to improve self-esteem and confidence, while reducing self-doubt, insecurity and excessive shyness.
  • How to easily connect with your child at a much deeper level so you can understand his dreams and aspirations more clearly and help him achiever them.
  • Why working harder and putting more pressure on your child can do more damage than you think.
  • Easy to follow methods help your child become better at time management and become 3-5 times more productive.

Let’s Work Together

I truly believe if you partner with me on this website by sharing your frustrations, successes, observations and insights we can all create a better future for your child. Along the way, you may even pick up information that may help you!

Keep coming back to this website for solutions and support. You will be able to empower your child like never before!

Soon you will be presented with information based on:

  • Over 20 years of researching and studying motivation, high performance and success.
  • Over 15 years of extensive academic research on learning and memory retention theories.
  • Numerous discussions with parents and students who have experienced tremendous academic success.
  • Over 6 years of working closely with, instructing and coaching high performing post secondary and high school students
  • Personally applying these principles that allowed me obtain a 4.0 grade point average and three university degrees.

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