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Note: This Program is Guaranteed – Aleem will coach you for FREE if your grades do not improve.

93% of private coaching students obtain at least an 80% average when working with Aleem. When this happens, they are eligible for scholarships and bursaries (many students collect a few of these). Therefore, the personal cost of their education is substantially reduced. Furthermore, the cost of their private coaching ends up being paid for.

This why so many students from all over the world are hiring Aleem as their personal academic excellence coach – they get proven academic success secrets at almost no cost or risk .

The average amount of one scholarship is $2000 but students make much more than this! They also increase their self confidence, learn the best study strategies, have more free time and excel in every course!

Aleem offer’s this guarantee because his method of instruction in unlike anything else that exists today! He first takes the time to understand the root causes of the student’s challenge and resolves them by applying The Equation for Academic Excellence. Aleem’s clients work with him for 10 sessions in the privacy of their own home anywhere in the world through online webinar software.

It is very common to think that if we work harder at school, we will eventually achieve our academic goals and objectives. But almost all hardworking student continue to work harder and harder at the wrong things every day.

What if they never learn the optimal approach to achieving academic excellence and continue on the path that they are currently on?

They will move further and further away from their dreams and aspirations… without even knowing it!

Today, after not being academically successful, many young adults have given up on themselves and believe that were never good enough, smart enough or capable enough to have achieved their dreams. They have settled for lives that don’t fulfill or excite them, while they silently wish that they were blessed with more talent, intelligence or competence. Don’t let this happen!

Private Academic Excellence Coaching allows Aleem to work directly with motivated parents and students for ten-weeks to help them understand how to rapidly achieve academic success.

We help you to develop your own personal “success road map” and a proven approach for achieving academic excellence.

You become aware of your obstacles and fully understand how to solve them. You are also shown effective strategies to handle future challenges so you can enjoy long lasting and sustainable success. Getting the results you want now becomes easier, faster and much more enjoyable!

The concepts that we teach are based on over 20 years of research, consultations with university professors, teachers, tutors, success coaches and top students.

Using this new TABS mind-technology ® we’ll help you experience the following:

  1. Substantial reduction in procrastination and increase in motivation to study.
  2. Improvement in productivity and time management by 85%.
  3. Dramatic increase in self confidence and belief in their abilities.
  4. Increase in grades in by to 45% per class.
  5. Overcoming of mental exhaustion and fatigue.
  6. Channeling of stress to increase performance.
  7. More fun and enjoyment at school.
  8. Take More Effective Notes in Class
  9. Eliminate Distractions and Increase Focus
  10. Develop Organization Skills
  11. Write Essays, Papers and Reports Correctly and in Less Time
  12. Eliminate Exam Anxiety
  13. Become a More Effective Reader
  14. Retain More Information From Classes
  15. Write Exams and Tests Better Using Proven Strategies to Obtain Greater Success
  16. (We also address other issues that students would like to explore and discuss).

Thank you,

The TABS team!

Click Here to Hire Aleem As Your Personal Coach!

Cost and Terms of Private Coaching
The duration of this unique and intensive program is 10 weeks. Aleem personally coaches students using Skype and other webinar software. As a result, students do not have to worry about additional transportation costs and can be coached in any part of the world at times that are convenient to them.

Most students who complete private coaching become eligible for academic scholarships that range between $2,000 – $10,000. Therefore, we have priced the entire cost of this two and a half month program at $2,9997 so they may make money to pay for school.

Aleem also guarantees his work. He will continue to work with students for no cost if their grades do not improve. Aleem only works with 10 clients per month.

P.S. Please email us at if you have any questions.