Academic Excellence Bootcamp

Ready to Finally Get That 4.0 GPA?

Free Class on July 7th 2019!

@ The University of Calgary on July 7th (1-4 pm)

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Students can retake this entire program at no cost if they don't absolutely love it!

Exclusive 4.0 GPA Training for Students in Calgary:

  • This is NOT Tutoring! Learn a proven approach that will help you quickly succeed in all your classes!
  • Develop self confidence and improve your mental health!
  • Greatly reduce study time by applying leading edge learning strategies!
  • Minimize procrastination and improve time management skills!
  • Eliminate test anxiety and write exams more strategically!

(Limited seats available!)

What is the Academic Excellence Bootcamp?

In one month (your first class is free) we will train highly motivated and committed high school and university students to become 4.0 GPA students!

Most students are left breathless after taking the first module! They are shown a brand new approach to learning and how they can use their mind differently to obtain the best grades in all their classes. Attend our first module at no charge so you can see for yourself how different this program is. See what past students have said about this program here:;;;

What the Academic Excellence Bootcamp is NOT

This is not a study skills workshop. Instead you will be shown how to develop a "Genius Mindset" - this is the secret to long term and sustainable success in all areas of your life! After you have enhanced your mindset you will be shown proven and time tested learning and retention strategies that will save you time, effort and stress when studying and preparing for your exams. Your can be the smartest person in all your classes in just 30 days!

Who is This Program For?

  1. High school students who would like to learn how to perform effectively at the postsecondary level and gain an advantage when they arrive at university.
  2. University students who need to reduce their stress, use their time more effectively and obtain better grades.
  3. Parents who would like to better support their children at school.
  4. Teachers who want to find a new way to better engage and connect with their students.
  5. Professionals who are completing a certification or diploma and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

How Do We Work Together?

All classes will be held at The University of Calgary. After we have read your application form and feel that you we can assist you, you will be contacted with an acceptance email and provided with the classroom information.

What If This Program Does Not Work For Me?

Since we will have read your application in detail and selected only those individuals whom we believe we can help there is a very low chance that this will happen. Since 2005, Aleem has taught this program to over 2000 students and more than 87% of them reported that they have reduced their stress levels, eliminated procrastination, enhanced their motivation to study, understood how to produce higher quality essays and assignments, minimized text anxiety and improved their grades in their classes. However, if you still feel that this program is not for you, you can stop anytime and receive your money back for the outstanding sessions that you have not completed.

How Much Does The Academic Excellence Bootcamp Cost?

The first class is offered at no charge so students can see for themselves how advanced and unique this training is. The cost of this entire 1 month program is $547.


In addition to the 4 weeks of training you also get the following at no cost:

  1. Three months of follow up via email with your instructor to ask any questions you may have. (Valued at $197).
  2. Access to ongoing support via our private Facebook group. (Valued at $ 97).

Total Value of Bonuses: $294      

About the Instructor

Aleem Nasser B.Comm., B.A., M.B.A., is a university instructor, national speaker, success coach, radio personality and author. He has taught his program at The University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. Over 2000 students are now applying the concepts taught in this program and are changing their lives. In 2015, The Royal Bank of Canada implemented Aleem's "Equation for Success" and saw a significant improvement in the time management, stress levels, overall productivity and motivation at work of their staff at one of their primary locations. Aleem has previously worked at Accenture, Deloitte, BearingPoint and The Department of Justice at The Government of Canada as a management consultant. Aleem as written several books in the areas of achieving personal excellence in academics, business and parenting.

(Limited seats available!)

Please email us at if you have any other questions.

Comments From Students Who Have Completed This Program

“Aleem maintains a level of transparency that a select few have yet to master. It is admirable that he values something that cannot be bought or purchased but instead must be constantly cultivated and grown – our mindset. He is a living role model who showcases the possibilities we can all accomplish if we know how to use our minds correctly. Out of anyone alive today, I would want Aleem to be one of the people to accompany me on my life's journey.”

Ruby Cariou
4.0 GPA Undergraduate University Student

"The Art of Being Smart" prepares you to take on challenges by adopting a winner's mindset. I am pleased with my experience in the course and appreciate how refreshingly honest and sincere  Aleem was. I would recommend this boot camp to anyone needing a boost in motivation and self confidence in their academic, professional or personal lives. I think this course helps you pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts to evolve into the next best version of yourself. "

Amina Sadiq B.Sc. B.B.A. M.B.A.

After going to Aleem’s sessions I realized that this was the missing piece of the puzzle! I decided to spend my money on Aleem’s program rather then fly down to see Les Brown and the results were evident. Students running on pure motivation alone end up making silly mistakes that don’t line up with their efforts. I am currently taking Engineering and in my 2nd term (a double workload increase) and actually “feels” easier than my 1st term.  Thanks to Aleem, I realized that I am smart, I can get a 4.0 and maintain a social lifestyle at the same time!

Jesse Roy-Cote
4.0 GPA Engineering Student

I like this class! It touched on a lot of my concerns about worth ethic and grades. It helped with procrastination and motivation issues as well. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend as it was very helpful and exactly what I expected.

3 Year University Student

The program helped me to understand that confidence and mindset are key as a university student. The study methods were extremely helpful and I look forward to using my newly learned strategies very soon!

Kaitlyn Vegter
3rd Year University Student

This if very effective because Aleem teaches you how to get your/reach goals by providing you with the steps. He tells you and makes you believe that you can do it.

Alisha Esmail
High School Student

The academic bootcamp is a very effective. You are taught many different strategies, but more than that you are shown different ways to implement these strategies

Alyssa Manji
High School Student

Go for it! No matter how good you are doing or how much you are struggling, Aleem will give you a new perspective and confidence to succeed

Tara Potts
High School Student

I noticed that at the High School Consultation Session for QLIP, the students were engaged and all of them have expressed that they feel more positive about their future. One student in particular who was very shy and unmotivated has shown signs of progress. Until now, none of our motivation strategies worked for this student. You have the right balance of discipline and compassion. It is obvious that you have the right expertise in this field. You have shown exceptional professionalism - always on time and deliver a well thought-out, structured lesson plan. What I appreciate most about your style is the ability to engage the most introvert student in discussions.

Al-Nashina Abji
Consultant for the Quality of Life Improvement Program (QLIP). Forensic Economic Consultant for Brown Economic Consultancy Inc.

His coaching skills come out very organized and methodical. His is approachable where learning is required. He has a lot of passion and energy to teach knowledge, life skills and attitude towards any project. He's great at what he does!

Shafik Premji
Systems Trainer

Aleem's coaching style is definitely likable as he endeavors to teach you a concept over and over again without giving up on you, provided you show the whim and vigor.

Nash Hirjee
Technical Order Definition Specialist

I think Aleem is a very effective coach. I have had the pleasure of being both a student and co instructor with Aleem. I think Aleem is very effective for several reasons. Aleem has very strong communications skills which allow him to be understood as well as understand what his audience needs from him. Aleem's commitment to advance preparation is also very obvious as his materials and delivery have always been of high quality. I would recommend Aleem because of his ability to relate with an adult learner and communicate with those seeking to improve themselves and gain insight into how to succeed.

Aly Jahnmohamed
eLearning Speicalist

Aleem... introspective, impartial, patient and supportive! From my experience with you, I appreciate the way you take time to explain things in a way that I would understand (if I didn't understand a point the first time you explained it, you found another way until I completely understood). You have great insight and an ability to connect with individuals wanting to learn! You have a way of explaining things to me so that I understand fully...if I don't understand, you find another way to explain it. You give me a different and fresh perspective at times when I struggle to figure things out. You have definitely been an asset to my growth. I would absolutely recommend Aleem as a post secondary business instructor

Brenda Walker
Cakeworks Inc, Business Owner

(Limited seats available!)

I loved, loved, loved this class. At first when I signed up for it, I thought to myself oh no, I have no clue what this class is about and I instantly regretted it. But after the first class, I thought this would be a major game changer. This class have changed my life so drastically, I cannot thank you enough. Now I can think counter intuitive for almost everything and it has really improved my motivation levels, my overall mood and just positive outlook on school and outside this environment. It has helped me to grow as an individual and I would highly, highly, recommend this to each student. First year or not, this class is a MUST take. I felt that before I used to care about the small things and would get stuck on the negatives, now I feel it is so easy to remove my mind from being stuck in the smallest things that would keep me awake all night. I have shifted my mindset and as a result, I use whatever I teach in class, from the lectures, to the Ted Talks from the UGST Olympics and I teach that to my parents and it has really improved my life so much.

Rehana Pira
University Student

I really like how different it was from other classes. It wasn't just memorizing notes or doing math each class it was a very different way of learning which I really enjoyed. The stuff that we learned in the class was so helpful to me this semester. Even the environment of the class was very good and felt very welcoming.

Carter Duthie
University Student

The professor is open for opinions and approachable to his students. Our professor is great I would recommend his class to new students I believe sir Aleem Nasser set a really good example how a professor should be that have compassion, open and approachable to his students you can really tell that he is passionate to what his doing. With that it shows how his previous students still in touch with him and see how they respect him because of his great personality and professionalism to his work.

Renee Ver
University Student

This class helped me become a better person and student. Helped me improve my marks by being a more responsible student. Allowed me to become more confident in my classes, which helped with my overall success.

Omar Omairi
University Student

The class gave me a certain type of confidence that I've never had towards assignments, school work and exams. It was a beneficial for me mentally, as it has directed both me and my mindset to accomplishing my goals and becoming a successful student.

Lamar Jones
University Student

It was very personal and hands on where if you just showed up to class you could gain information that could be turned into knowledge later on. That you learned which way you study best and it was specialized or at least talked about in class what other suggestions to take for your specific learning style. Participation does matter it was nice being in class and talking about things and if it wasn't correct it was then given feedback immediately. It made me look at things in a very different perspective which made me more humble and insightful.

Nicole Lai
University Student

This class really improved on how I view school. This has changed my mindset on everything that I can apply for in and out of school. I enjoyed the 24 hour assignments because they really implanted the speed of implementation. I liked the amount of group work that we did in the class because you are able to make new friends in the class.

Chelsea Lopez
University Student

I was able to take everything I learned in class and apply it to improve my overall university experience, also how welcoming the class was. I will miss this class for sure! Thank You

Weaam Geha
University Student

I liked how every day there was something new and intriguing to learn. Class was always a good and friendly atmosphere and that alone motivated me to do better in other classes

Josh Brar
University Student