Seven Ways To Prepare Yourself For Finals

Hello Smart People!

Most of you are probably preparing for your upcoming Finals. Here are a few tips to help you during this stressful time:

  1. Start preparing for your exams early. Create “soft deadlines” (deadlines you create to stop internalizing information) so that you have enough time to communicate effectively what you have learned.
  2. Think small. Give yourself small, frequent and challenging goals to accomplish. Also, make sure your reward yourself for being productive during your day. This will help you to stay positive and keep you motivated.
  3. Take care of yourself emotionally, not just physically. It may seem overwhelming to get all your studying completed, so don’t make it your goal to know everything. Relax and plan your study approach effectively. This means that you should do your best to determine what is most likely to be on the exam and focus studying this material first.
  4. Become familiar and take advantage of your natural learning style. If you are a visual learner, draw lots of diagram, pictures and graphs to help you better process what you learn. For auditory learners, you may want to find someone to teach what you have just studied. Lastly for kinesthetic learners, consider how you can apply what you are studying to your own personal life.
  5. Never neglect your health. Get to the gym a few times during the week because working out will help you feel more relaxed which, in turn,  will help you be more productive. Also, exercise allows more oxygen to go to your brain which will help you stay more alert and focused.
  6. Just before the test, make a list of all the reasons you are going to perform well. This will increase your confidence on the exam and enable you to be more innovative and creative in coming up with the correct answer if you get stuck on a problem.
  7. Arrive early for the test so you don’t increase the stress you may already be feeling. Also, stay away from “stress cases” (people who panic and freak out just before the exam). Since emotions are contagious, they will only cause you to feel more anxious and doubt yourself.

Best of Luck!