"Ready to Have Your Highest GPA Ever?"

What real university students have said about The Art of Being Smart.

All training is provided by Aleem Nasser (BComm, BA, MBA), a university instructor, corporate trainer, author and 4.0 GPA student

  • You will be shown a proven formula to obtain a 4.0 GPA that has worked for over 1000 students!
  • Find out which time-honored learning ideas must be "unlearned" to study more effectively and understand material faster!
  • Learn a simple method to stop procrastinating and improve your time management now!
  • Uncover simple and effective ways to develop your self confidence and eliminate almost all your stress and anxiety!
  • Learn a new approach to researching and writing A+ essays!
  • Discover the 5 common mistakes that unknowingly cause hardworking students to get lower grades than they deserve!

What is The Art of Being Smart?

We train motivated and committed post secondary students around the world to become 4.0 GPA students.

Most students are left breathless after our first session! They are shown a brand new approach to learning and how they can use their minds differently to obtain the best grades in all their classes with less effort. See what past students have said about our program here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfdIjYm2TCU; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD37atzKFhc; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDz-QUJd4fo; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdLDuMpypz0

Aleem has taught this program to over 1000 students and more than 90% of them reported that they have reduced their stress, eliminated procrastination, enhanced their motivation to study, minimized text anxiety and successfully applied our process to improve their grades in all their classes. We are not tutors and we do not provide study skills workshops. We will show you the secrets to how 4.0 GPA students learn, think and function - something most students never find out. Soon you will have a "genius mindset" and will save yourself time, effort, stress and frustration at school and become the smartest person in all your classes.

Who is This Program For?

  1. High school students who would like a big advantage when they attend university.
  2. University students who need to reduce their stress, use their time more effectively and obtain better grades.
  3. Parents who would like to better support their children at school.
  4. Teachers who want to find a new way to better engage and connect with their students.
  5. Professionals who are completing a certification or diploma and are feeling overwhelmed.

How Do We Work Together?

We have many flexible options for you to work with Aleem.  After we thoroughly go over your assessment form we will contact you with the best options to help you achieve your academic goals as quickly as possible.

What If This Program Does Not Work For Me?

Since we will have read your application in detail and will selected only those individuals whom we believe we can help there is a very low chance that this will happen. However, if you still feel that this program is not for you, you can stop anytime and receive your money back for the outstanding sessions that you have not completed.

About the Instructor

Aleem Nasser B.Comm., B.A., M.B.A., is a university instructor, national speaker, corporate trainer, success coach, author and 4.0 GPA student. He has taught his program at The University of Calgary and is currently teaching at Mount Royal University. Over a 1000 students are now applying the concepts taught in this program and are changing their lives. In 2015, The Royal Bank of Canada implemented Aleem's "equation for success" and saw a significant improvement in the time management, stress levels, overall productivity and motivation at work of their staff at one of their primary locations. Aleem has previously worked at Accenture, Deloitte, BearingPoint and The Department of Justice at The Government of Canada as a management consultant. Aleem has also traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, and Dubai, UAE to coach elite athletes on his methodology. He has also written several books in the areas of personal excellence.

Please email us at ContactUs@TheArtofBeingSmart.com if you have any other questions.

Comments From Students Who Have Completed This Program

“Aleem maintains a level of transparency that a select few have yet to master. It is admirable that he values something that cannot be bought or purchased but instead must be constantly cultivated and grown – our mindset. He is a living role model who showcases the possibilities we can all accomplish if we know how to use our minds correctly. Out of anyone alive today, I would want Aleem to be one of the people to accompany me on my life's journey.”

Ruby Cariou
4.0 GPA Undergraduate University Student

"The Art of Being Smart" prepares you to take on challenges by adopting a winner's mindset. I am pleased with my experience in the course and appreciate how refreshingly honest and sincere  Aleem was. I would recommend this boot camp to anyone needing a boost in motivation and self confidence in their academic, professional or personal lives. I think this course helps you pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts to evolve into the next best version of yourself. "

Amina Sadiq B.Sc. B.B.A. M.B.A.

After going to Aleem’s sessions I realized that this was the missing piece of the puzzle! I decided to spend my money on Aleem’s program rather then fly down to see Les Brown and the results were evident. Students running on pure motivation alone end up making silly mistakes that don’t line up with their efforts. I am currently taking Engineering and in my 2nd term (a double workload increase) and actually “feels” easier than my 1st term.  Thanks to Aleem, I realized that I am smart, I can get a 4.0 and maintain a social lifestyle at the same time!

Jesse Roy-Cote
4.0 GPA Engineering Student

I like this class! It touched on a lot of my concerns about worth ethic and grades. It helped with procrastination and motivation issues as well. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend as it was very helpful and exactly what I expected.

3 Year University Student

The program helped me to understand that confidence and mindset are key as a university student. The study methods were extremely helpful and I look forward to using my newly learned strategies very soon!

Kaitlyn Vegter
3rd Year University Student

There isn't a day that goes by where one of your teaching gems resonates with me. Whether it's, "you can't afford to think like that" or, "always be loving, kind and gentle to yourself" you've made quite an impact on my life and successfully changed my name to calm! Thank you for working with me, you've made medical school a lot more manageable. I talk to everyone about you and your work. Thanks for doing what you do!

Fahreen Lalani
Medical School Student

So grateful I took this class. The speed of implementation has made a huge difference in how quickly I can get things done and my motivation to do them. The idea of the minute that we have towards success and day to day life has also been beneficial. I think everyone should take this class, you definitely won't be disappointed!

Elena Woodward
University Student

When I first started this class I thought my skills in and out of school would not change, I had a fixed mindset. Throughout this course I have began to develop new ways to learn and do better with assignments and also just getting more stuff done with my day to day life. Aleem’s strategies helped me improve a lot with school because I use to deal with procrastination and I also use to be happy with getting by in school with decent marks. I would never worry about my grades so much because my grades were always average and I just knew I could get by like that. Taking this course, I found myself challenging myself with tests and assignments and pushing myself to improve on what I would make mistakes on. I changed my mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset because now I learn from my mistakes and see what I can do better instead of just giving up. I would highly recommend Aleem’s strategies and the course he teaches because they are very effective and he is honestly amazing.

Simmi Saini
University Student

Honestly, before this class I thought university was to get good grades and get out. I had a fixed mindset on this class and the rest of my classes, I’d go in write all my notes out word for word just burying myself in this information that was useless. But Aleem opened up my eyes, this tunnel vision I had, it changed. I went into my classes listening and reflecting on what the teacher is teaching and writing down anything important while my peers were writing down every single thing the teacher said. I am very glad, that I got to take this class before I start business in fall, I’d highly recommend this class to anyone who’s willing to learn and make mistakes and just better themselves through Aleem’s ways. Now, I have a growth mindset, I use my mistake and set backs to make myself a better person.

Ajit Deo 
University Student

Before taking this class I was a struggling student with no hope or goals for my future, continuing the societal “norm” of getting an education/job because I had too. I believed my effort & skills would lead me where I needed to be in life. This course taught me the value I have within myself, the goals I want in life & how to achieve them, the power of my mind, and how to be the best person I can be throughout my life. Now I have a clear path to follow for my future, i am associated with better people, my grades have improved, my knowledge has increased exponentially, my environment has became happier/cleaner/positive, and my life will never go back to the way it once was. I now have successful strategies customed specifically for myself which will lead me to the best future possible! Thank you Aleem for changing my life!

Lily Galay
University Student

My advisor said this class would help me grow as a student, but it also helped me grow as a person. I never thought a class would influence my life so much. It's like therapy but better! After learning the speed of implementation, my life has changed. I don't wait until the last minute to start an assignment (even if its just reading it over and putting my name on it) I'm starting right away. Learning to internalize while filtering, then externalizing, I'm finding my academic life is less stressful, and I have more time for the things I love (Netflix). I highly recommend this class for all first year students, and I highly recommend Aleem. He cares about his students and from day one he believed we could do anything. One thing he taught us that I will always carry with me is that you should always carry 15% of failure with you. You don't have to be perfect! Thank you for making this class so enjoyable!

Maddie Day 
University Student

"Effective Learning" with Professor Nasser has been one of the most enlightening experiences I have had to date. The format of the class was more of a discussion than a lecture. The demeanor of Prof. Nasser's was more of a mentor's than a superior's. Most importantly, the content was MUCH more impactful and effective than customary "just work harder/better" teachings.

I would recommend that students and professionals, alike, should take this class or seek Prof. Nasser's services; if you are open to having your ideology changed for the better, you won't regret it!

Darren Lam

I just completed a course with Aleem Nasser. Before this course I was very stressed out in school and had a hard time finding confidence in myself. I always believed myself to not be “school smart”, and school was never my thing. However, I am determined to be a teacher and so I’ve been trying to push my way through university. Even though I just completed my third year of university, I was still struggling. In this course I learned how powerful our mindsets can be. The way we look at things and what we tell ourselves is what really makes us successful. Learning about the power of mindset changed my life and pushed me to become a stronger and better me. Today I am aware of how to manage my stress and to be more productive. This allowed me to get better grades and manage my time better with school stuff and life in general. My confidence in myself went up and things are going much better in my life. This class was extremely beneficial and everything Aleem taught me had so much value. I recommend this class to all students so they can learn how to become successful in life!

Rula Chamseddine 
University Student

This program has helped me immensely in both my academic life and my life overall. Aleem is excellent at communicating what his strategies are, how to implement them, and why they work. Each time I would implement one of his strategies, I would see an improvement in my time management, work quality, grades and overall motivation. The course really helped me figure out how and when I most effectively study, which allowed me to get more done with less work and in less time.

The course also helped me improve my confidence in my abilities, but also helped instill humility about my abilities. The lifestyle and mindset changes that Aleem recommends have helped me in many aspects of my life. I highly recommend this course to all students as even the best of students can learn and improve from this course.

Ali Virji 
University Student

This class was great! It felt like starting the morning off with a motivational Ted Talks show;). Aleem presented information in a way that made success feel achievable. We were also given some helpful tips on how to go through university with better results and less stress - regardless of individual obstacles. Happy to have taken the course! Thanks Aleem.

Violet Mcnee
University Student

I enjoyed how interactive this class was. I liked how we weren't sitting and just listening to Aleem, we could join in and contribute as well. I've recommended this class to many of my friends because it honestly helps so much. I definitely saw an increase in my grades & am so happy I took this class.

Aman Grewal
University Student

This course was very insightful and helped me become a better student. It really helped me get a clearer view of my goals. Aleem gave me the best strategies on how to achieve greatness in school, which have proven to increase my GPA. Definitely recommend this course for any student!

Gurshan Ghuman 
University Student

This course was a great way to get started on university, I highly recommend it to anyone going into their first year. It made me a smarter and better student but also reduced my stress and test anxiety in all ways. Despite the class being so important, Aleem is also a very approachable person and very easy to talk to. Thank you for all your help!!

Amira Nassef
University Student

Here is why I think anyone should join this program: It not only focuses on acquiring a 4.0 GPA but it also focuses on how can you become a better you. If you want to be an independent, self-motivated, and strategic individual this is for you. After the training if you still feel like it was all a scam, Aleem is not only an exceptional coach but he's also a moralist you'll get your money back but after the 30 minute chat session you should have a good idea whether it's for you or not. 

Nazar Liaqat 
University Student

Mindset, Grit and Respect are things I gained in Aleem class. His lecture not only renewed my knowledge, but also changed my thinking mode. I believe he will be a successful entrepreneur just like he was a transcendent instructor. Thank you and back on you.

Cynthia Yan
University Student

School and I have not been on good terms since elementary school I had to take math 12 twice. When I first attempted post-secondary school, I ended up on academic probation. I put in so much effort to get out of it and still couldn’t, so I left. I took some time to figure out what I wanted to do and when I did I realized I needed to go back to get a bachelors. So right now, semester 1 I got 100% on a research paper and 97% on a midterm! I am on track to a 4.0 GPA by the end of the semester. I work 30 hours a week and take 3 courses, I am accomplishing what I wasn’t when school was my only job. Aleem has given me the tools and skills to succeed, it was my choice to apply them. He becomes a support system, a plethora of knowledge, but also keeps you accountable. I highly recommend his program, to anyone who is tired of putting in a 110% and only seeing a C, or has never been “good” in school.

Monika Lucas
University Student

When I first came into this course I had no clue of what I wanted to do. Like anyone else I wanted to succeed and improve some things in my life, but I just never knew where to begin and what steps should I take. This class walked me through every step and me think and realize about the goals I wanted to achieve. As soon as I recognized those, I changed my mindset from mixed to growth and started learning from my mistakes by staying positive. This class really motivated me to do well and showed me how it’s possible without panicking and thinking that it’s unbelievable. Each concept was very detailed and clear about what is is, what it does, and how it works. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot which I will apply for the rest of the years I’m in university.

Diksha Dhawan
University Student

I was recommenced by my adviser to take this course to help me with my academic success. This has been the most beneficial course I've ever taken, I wish I took it during my first year of university. I highly recommend this course for all students, especially those new to university

Amanda Lynn Ervin

The session you had, as well as the class you teach is extremely helpful. It has helped me with my strategies as well as taught me that mindset is key. By the end of my first year I was so stressed and wasn't sure if I was even going to pass. After being in your class Aleem, you have helped me so much. Thank you.

Inara Punjani 
University Student

Aleem's class was one of my favourites this semster. I learned so much about skills for success but I also learned things about myself. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is unsure of their goals in university but I'd also recommned to people who know what they want because this class will give you the skills you need to get there.

Faith Nicholson
University Student

Loved the class I think will help me for my future of my education!

Jayman Wollen
University Student

Making the shift from high school to university was a huge jump for me, leaving home and saying goodbye to everything I knew. My grades suffered during my first term because of all the changes I had gone through; I didn’t think that could make it as far as I have today. By the end of my first year, I was so stressed I barely had time to do the things I enjoyed because I was always busy studying and working. I reached out to Aleem earlier this year to get some help with studying smarter. I wanted a way to be able to learn and achieve high grades while still enjoying my time in university. Long story short, I have definitely been able to do that. Within the first few weeks of meeting with Aleem, I noticed a drastic improvement in my marks and my attitude. The amount of time I spend studying has decreased, but the quality of information I am learning has increased. I can play hockey, go to the gym, and hang out with my friends, while still keeping on top of my work. Aleem’s program has not only helped my grades, but it has helped my confidence and also my personal life. All around by taking part in the art of being smart I have become a better student and a better person, I genuinely thank Aleem for everything he has done. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone even if you aren’t struggling in school because what Aleem teaches can genuinely change your life.

Omar Jessani
University Student

The counter-intuitive way of thought Aleem leads you in to has been a refreshing take on the learning process. He provides you with a toolbox of new skills that have lead to an overall great experience and path to success. Opening my eyes to the class to exam cycle and specifically the importance of externalization has been a game changer for me! Grateful for the knowledge he shared in shaping a positive first year back!

Leah Thomson
University Student

This session was an amazing experience for me. Aleem taught me unique ways to improve on my academics, which created a great impact on my success.

Abubakar Khan 
University Student

This class was a great learning experience for me, it helped me better myself both academically and personally. I was able to implement everything I’ve learned and it has helped me excel in all aspects of my life.
I would recommend taking this course for anybody struggling to figure out what they’re goal is in life or anyone struggling in academics or in a personal perspective.

Jas Jaswal 
University Student

Honestly it helped so much with not only success in school, but also how I feel and my actions towards my work ethic and my overall life goals. This is a class that should be a requirement. With Aleem's teaching skills and his mindset he’s honestly a great prof to learn from! Not only does he know what he’s talking about but he also believes in it. The best part is that aleem is opened to new ideas and a new perspective, so even if you disagree he’ll hear you out.

I learned so many new concepts that I need and have being applying to my life! Like speed of implementation, if only I could get started. But my mindset has changed my complete outlook on life. I do the most boring stuff and still enjoy it. It’s crazy !

10/10 if you teach anymore classes let me know, I’ll take them!

Kiane Kinghorn
University Student

When I first started this course, I felt lost. I did not know what to expect coming into university. During this class, I learnt about myself and how I can be successful. This class opened doors for me that I would've never imagined. Thanks to this course, I feel confident that I will be able to tackle whatever challenges school or life throws at me!

Imaan Sunderji 
University Student

I think it was a great course for first years because it gives lots of strategies that is beneficil to life in general. I am very glad I took this course.

Brooke Potuzak
University Student

This course was really helpful as a university student. It helped me learn about my learning styles and also gave me good stratagies to use towards my degree!

Arpan Sidhu
University Student

I definitely recommend taking this class! This class was very helpful and motivating, it helped me better myself as a student, as well as personally. I learned new ways to study and ensure I get the most out of all of my academic classes. The class also helped me to set goals for myself and now I definitely have a more positive mindset which pairs well with my motivation!

Thank you Aleem!

Natasha Matthes
University Student

This class was recommended to me by a student advisor, I was initially unsure about it but after even the first day I was very thankful I decided to take this class. I have learned so many helpful strategies from Aleem that have really helped me boost my GPA and stay on track with all my assignments and studying! I would definitely recommend taking this class to any University student!

Sara Neilson
University Student