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Discover a proven and tested approach to obtaining a 4.0 GPA this semester at university and college!

What You’ll Learn

How to rebuild yourself

How would you like to discover a brand new approach to learning that will replace your stress and anxiety while helping you become a top student this semester?

Let’s face it, we’re all human so we’ve learned bad habits at some point in time, right? But when you’re a student, these habits not only affect your grades, they have long-term, negative repercussions on your life. The good news is, you are in a unique position to correct this before it gets out of control. This will set you up for the best possible outcome — and not only while you’re a student. Good habits lead to great results which are attractive to employers so it just might help you land your dream job! Let me explain.

Save time and frustration

Overcome the challenges you face today by following the exact same system I used when I was in your shoes. 

You now have the option to take a shortcut and avoid the costly mistakes, wasted time and failures that I experienced while figuring this out for myself.

About The Art Of Being Smart : How to Get a 4.0 GPA This Semester

Everything you need to need to achieve academic excellence at university and college this semester to set yourself up for the future you want.

Most students today have never been taught how to learn. They have only been told what to learn. In these modules, I will show you my proven system to learning more effectively which will save you many hours of studying while also reducing your stress and anxiety. You will also be given a fresh new approach to preparing and writing exams so you can get the best grades possible. Not learning this information today could hurt your future tomorrow.  

  1. Guidelines
  2. Agenda
  3. Introduction
  4. Aleem’s Story
  5. Cost of Failure
  6. Coaching
  7. It’s Not Your Fault
  8. Quiz
  1. The Equation for Academic Excellence
  2. Self Belief
  3. Self Image
  4. Self Belief Visual
  5. Self Belief Example
  6. A New Approach
  7. Rebuilding Beliefs (part a)
  8. Rebuilding Beliefs (part b)
  9. Victim Mindset
  10. Summary
  11. Quiz
  1. Quick Review
  2. Your Environment
  3. Stress Vs. Performance
  4. Stress Control
  5. Proven Process
  6. Tools For Organisation
  7. What Is Knowledge 
  8. Soft & Hard Deadlines (Part a)
  9. Soft & Hard Deadlines (Part b)
  10. Example of Setting Setting Deadlines
  11. The Class
  12. Classroom Retention
  13. Quiz
  1. Agenda
  2. Stress Check
  3. High Performance
  4. Weekly Schedule (Part a)
  5. Weekly Schedule (Part b)
  6. Types Of Memory
  7.  Class To Exam Cycle
  8.  Review
  9. Exam Checklist
  10. Writing Papers
  11. Summary
  12. Quiz
  1. Group and one on one coaching
  2. Email support
  3. Text support
  4. Access to all coaching call replays
  5. Access to coaching calls of all students
  6. Weekly LIVE talks on academic success
  7. Personalized mindset training
  8. Access to our one on mentorship with past students
  9. Weekly progress sheets to track progress
  10. End of semester evaluations and assessments 
  11. Advanced grown mindset training


Four key issues that are affecting university students

Not enough time for schoolwork

Too much procrastination

High levels of stress and anxiety

Lack of self belief

There are many more issues that university students face but these are the top three that I hear about time and time again!

University students find themselves drowning in schoolwork, putting in long hours in their jobs and unable to maintain healthy social lives. Many students procrastinate and try to cram and catch up at the last minute, leading to lots of pressure and overwhelm causing inferior results.

These issues are all too common at the university or college level. Whether they attend a community college or an Ivy League School, most students are given the wrong guidance to improve their performance at the post-secondary level. So they study harder but actually move further away from their academic goals.

What People Say About The Course


Everything was awesome. I really enjoyed how everything was taught

Jeanne Torres

This will be the only course that I will remember for the rest of my life.


Very mind opening, inspirational! I could relate to him well. I especially liked it that he acknowledged mental health.





Aleem Nasser, B.Comm., B.A., M.B.A.

High-performance success coach, university instructor, international speaker and author.

I help students overcome the same issues that haunted me when I was in university. I wasn’t dumb or lazy and I studied very hard but I still never did well in most of my classes. I could never understand why my hard work never paid off. 

In my third year of university, I was put on academic probation because I had less than a ”C” average. I was very scared and didn’t know what to do. I was told that I had only one semester to improve my grades or I would be kicked out of university for good! 

If I was not able to figure things out fast, I would have to work at a job that I hated in order to pay for a degree I never got. I also had to deal with the shame of wasting three years of my life with nothing to show for them.

I had no choice but to solve this problem on my own. I began to attend academic workshops and seminars while reading many books on how to become a better student. I also began to study how the mind works, how to improve our memory using various learning styles and how to use our time more effectively. I also studied personal development with a passion!

After applying what I learned, I removed myself from academic probation, received three university degrees, obtained an average of 90% in all my classes and was offered the career of my dreams with over $10,000 in signing bonuses and academic bursaries.

Working after graduation was a phenomenal time in my life! I became an international management consultant and gained some amazing experiences and fantastic travel opportunities. However, deep down, I knew that I was not doing what I was meant to do.

I wanted to help others who were struggling to have the same future as I created for myself. I was almost going to settle for a life of misery and regret and I had to save others from this  fate.

I left my corporate job for my family’s insurance business to plan out my next steps. At this time I decided to write my book “Simple Strategies to Study Smarter.” This decision changed my life in a massive way! After writing this book, I was offered teaching positions at several universities and was even invited to do a Tedx talk at the University of Alberta. 

Teaching these concepts to students around the world has been the biggest blessing. Watching insecure and scared undergraduate students turn into strong and confident professionals, who are about to become leaders in their industry, is something I cannot put into words. 

I have personally applied all these principles and have also shared these concepts with over 6000 students around the world today with excellent results. Now this is your opportunity to change your future forever!

I appreciated Aleem’s authenticity and humility, his presentation style and the respectful manner in which he engaged the audience!

S. Suleman

I really like all the content being discussed. It has been very useful to me in everyday aspects of life as well.


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